New: VelociSpot Media Delivery

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Are you tired of using overpriced antiquated technologies to get your spots delivered to stations?  VelociSpot get's your spots to TV Stations quicker, faster and more cost effectively than ever!  Using our customized tools for delivering spots you can send, track and manage delivery of your spot's and traffic in realtime. 

 Our tools are designed with you in mind.  Designed around a custom asset management, workflow and content delivery system VelociSpot gives you unprecedented control over your spots.  Choose how you wish to organize your spots, share them beyond TV station delivery, repurpose them for delivery to platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube and convert to other media formats any time any where.

Are you tired of uploading your spots to other services only to find out hours later that the spot failed quality control? We solve this problem three fold.  First, using our proprietary VelociFile media transfer technology your spots upload in record time by overcoming the inteherint slowness of the internet.  You can use up to your total available bandwidth, throttle the file transfers and prioritize them assuring they arrive to us in the order you need them and faster than ever.  Additionally, the second the file hits our servers  and before it's fully uploaded our system automatically begins to check the file for audio and video artifacts including macro blocking, cadence issues, centercut protection, audio levels, tape hits and droped frames.  This QC profile is customizeable specifically to you.  Finally, our specially trained video engineers double check the video to ensure it's quality before being approved for processing or distribution.


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